Monday, 31 August 2015

Great week, awesome experience

     Hello Everyone,

     This week has been pretty good!! We do have a few baptisms coming up!! So about that...
     So a when Elder Jimenez was my companion still here in Tulum, we were looking for more people to teach. We were looking through the list of old investigators that the missionaries before us had been teaching. And we found a person, names Lucia. I felt that we needed to look for her. So we got the address and we started looking! After a few days of looking we finally found her. She told us that she wasn't really interested now and that she's going to another church. However, she said that she is willing to listen but that she wasn't going to change religions. 
     So after that, we decided to visit her one more time. So we did and when we went to her house, she told us a bunch of things that had happened. How she felt uncomfortable in the church that she was going to and how her life was falling apart with her husband too. How he always abuses her and her kids and he always arrives drunk at the house. So we invited her to come to church, read the BOM and pray a lot!! I have been praying a lot for her too. So, this last Sunday (not yesterday, the Sunday before) she came to church!! And she loved it!! 
     In the next visit that we had with her she expressed to us how strongly she felt the spirit in the church. And then she started crying, and told us, "I have been praying and looking for an answer to all of this. I revieved my answer when I was in the church, I know this is all true!!" When she said that, I almost burst into tears. And now she's super excited to get baptized!! And me too!! But, one problem, she is not married... If she's not married then she can't be baptized. And her husband wasn't to keen on getting married (even though they have been together for almost 11 years now. What's taking so long!?) But, he said that he would come to church this Sunday. So I told my companion Elder Mendoza that we were going to fast for them so that he can have his heart opened to complete with the commandments of God. And yesterday he came to church!! It was so awesome! Also, the main topic in the church yesterday was about The Family, a proclamation to the World and how marriage is so important!! WOW!! It was truly amazing!! What we learned in the church yesterday was especially for them!! After the meetings I asked him (his name is Abraham) if he liked it. He then gave me a hug, and told me that he loved it!! And that next week he is coming to church again!! YAA!!! It was so awesome. And we are going to see them today and are going to help em get baptized!!
     I know the Lord prepares each and every person to receive the gospel. He knows when, and where the person is ready to receive it! This experience is such a testimony builder for me. Because I saw her before and how she didn't really want the message, and I have seen a complete change! I have seen how the Lord works miracles amongst the children of men. With lots of prayers and fasting, anything is possible!! I know THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! THE GOSPEL HAS BEEN RESTORED!! And I have the priveledge to bring people to this knowledge. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoyed this letter!! Keep the faith!!

         Lots of love,

            Elder Strate   

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