Monday, 10 August 2015

That darn cat..........

     Hello Everyone,

     This week has been pretty busy. We had a Zone Meeting on Thursday, and then after the Zone meeting we had a Zone conference with President Kirkham and his wife. It was a day really full of fun and learning!! 
     When President came, we played a game. One of my most favorite games, thats right, The Family Feud!! But here in Mexico its called, "100 Mexicanos dijieron" (100 Mexicans said). So we changed the title of it to 100 Misioneros dijieron. It was so much fun!! The questions were based on the things we need to know as missionaries. Things that we need to learn that are in Preach My Gospel. We had a great time. 
     Then after we received some instruction from President on how we can become better missionaries. We also ate Empanadas!! They were so good. A member made them and they were delicious!! Overall it was a great spiritual experience and we all enjoyed it!! 
     Something else that I remembered that I forgot to mention last week. So last week we went to visit a less active lady in our ward. We were sitting outside talking and everything was fine. Then suddenly, a terrible, sly and evil monster came up to me and did the worst thing I could have EVER imagined!! Thats right, a cat peed on my bag(which has my scriptures, gospel pictures, pamphlets...etc.) Luckily, only the outer part of my bag suffered, and my things inside are okay. But that made me pretty mad...stupid cat...I already hated cats you know. Anyways, so the sister felt really bad and started spraying the her cat with water and chasing it around the yard haha! Then afterward she still felt really bad so she insisted to wash my bag. That was really nice of her!! I always knew that cats were evil...
     Also next Monday we have transfers. I don't know If I'm going to stay or leave. Until next week we shall know!! Thanks everyone for all your love and support!! May the spirit guide you wherever you may go!! 

       Lots of love,

               Elder Strate

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