Monday, 7 September 2015

Temple Dedication

     Hello Everyone,
     This week has been pretty good! We had our Zone meeting this past Thursday and it was a lot of fun! (pics below).
                                                    With Elder Lopez
                                                          Some of our zone!
       This upcoming Sunday is a very special day. Because they are re-dedicating the temple in Mexico!! And we get to watch the live broadcast this next sunday! We have to go to Playa del Carmen to watch it because that is were they are projecting it. I am so excited!! So, because of this re-dedication President Kirkham wants us to prepare. So that we, as missionaries can also re-dedicate ourselves to the work. Its a wonderful opportunity that we have to become better missionaries. 
       We always look to the Savior's example when we are learning and becoming better. Developing the attributes of Christ is key in being counted amongst his disciples. Thats why I love chapter 6 of PMG so much! It helps us to realize how we can be more patient, loving, humble, etc.
       I know that by studying PMG it helps us a lot!! Even though some of us are not full time missionaries, we are all still missionaries!! And PMG is our battle plan!! And the attributes that we learn to develop in chapter 6 qualify us to be a part of the Lord's army.(also see D&C 4)
       Thanks for all the love and support. I love you all so much!! May the Lord bless you this week and in all that you do!! Jesus Christ lives!! And his church is on the earth once again!!!
     Lots of love,
              Elder Strate

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