Monday, 17 August 2015

New comp

Hola Todos,

         This past week has been full of events!! Congrats to my baby sister Bree who got baptised this Saturday!! I really enjoyed "being there" haha! 
         This past week was interesting for me. On Tuesday morning, we recieved a phone calle from President Kirkham. He started talking to my companion. He talked for a while, so I thought something bad had happened. Then President talked to me, and he informed me that my companion needed to travel to Cancun. And that he is going to work as a secretary in the offices! So thats great!! Nothing bad there haha! 
           So we left Tulum that morning and traveled to Playa del Carmen. Then another missionary who was going to the offices to met up with my companion Elder Jimenez and they both left for Cancun. And then I went to Cozumel to stay with another missionary, Elder Contreras! So all this week I was in Cozumel! Exciting!! That was a great week. And right now I am back in Tulum with my new companion, Elder Mendoza!! He's super funny and we are going to get along great! Oh, and a funny story that happened this week while I was in Cozumel. 
           So on Thursday, we arrived to eat at the house of a member. And they were planning on making hamburgers on their barbeque. So the brother started to light the charcoal. But for some reason it wouldn't light. So he decided to get take some gas out of his dune buggy to use it to light the fire. So we took out the gas and put it into a gatorade bottle. Then he poured it onto the charcoal and then a match to light it. It started to burn, but it wasn't that great still. So then little by little he was pouring more gas on to keep it burning. Then suddenly, the fire caught up to the bottle through the stream of gas as he was pouring! Then the whole bottle lit on fire!! Then he quickly threw it on the floor. Well, then it kinda started a fire lol!! Then, Elder Contreras and I became firefighters!! We quickly ran to grab the hose and we started to battle the fire haha. It took about 10 mins but we got it under control and put it out. It was a bit crazy, but all went well. The charcoal did light afterall and we ate our hamburgers in peace haha!! 
         Well, thats about all for this week. Thanks for all your love and support!! Until next week!!

       Elder Strate 

                                                                    My new comp

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