Monday, 24 November 2014

New calling today - District Leader!

Hello Everyone,

     This week has been pretty interesting! For me and it sounds like for Magrath High School! Congrats to the Pandas and Zeniths for winning Provincials!! That's really exciting!! As for me, my week has been a bit hectic. 
     I had two more of my toenails cut out because they were infected and ingrown. But now, they are okay and I am taking some antibiotics to help with the infection. And also, on Saturday was not a good day for me. After we finished eating at a member's house, my eye started to itch really bad. It felt like there was something inside. So I tried to wash it out with water but that didn't do anything. Then I bought some eye drops to put in, but that didn't do anything either. Then eventually we went to the emergency because it was hurting so bad and we didn't know how to stop it. When we got there the doctor said that I have a little grain in my eye. But it is super small and he only saw it with his tools. He then prescribed me two different types of eye drops. One for is an anti-inflammatory, and the other is to get rid of this grain thing. But however, I am okay now!! 
     Now for the good news! Thursday night I received a call from one of the assistants to the Mission President. He extended a calling to me to be the new District Leader!! So now I'm senior companion and also a District Leader! I'm so excited! Even though I'm still in my training, I'm now senior companion and district leader. That's pretty cool. Well at least I think so haha. Also, I bought a copy of the book of Mormon in Mayan. So now I'm starting to learn Mayan along with Spanish!! Bix abel. Haha. Everything here is going great! The teaching here is great. We are activating a lot of less active members and also continueing to find new investigators!  The work is moving forward!! 
     Please continue to send your love and prayers!! This work is great, but it's not easy!! Especially when I'm trying fight to stay healthy at the same time. Thanks for all your love and support!!

Lunch time! Love my shades

Monday, 17 November 2014

Nov 17 letter - need an interpretor

Hello Everyone,

      Another week here in Paradise!! Yes mom I did recieve the package! Thanks a lot for the pants! They were desperately needed haha! 
     That´s really sad to here about what happened to Jeff Ripley. Yes I remember him! I didn´t know him well personally but I always knew that he was a great young man!! In moments like this it can be really hard for everyone. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. But we need to remember something, that this life is only a small portion of Heavenly Father´s plan for us!! We are all going to see Jeff again! We may miss him now, but our time here on this earth is nothing compared to the eternities that await us. 
     As for me, this week has been interesting. I´m starting to get some ingrown toenails.  
I´m pretty sure it´s because of all the walking, and not cutting them very well. Oops. So on Friday I had one of mine yanked out by the Doctor. I sent a very pretty picture of it so you all can see. It´s just the bandage around it. But, my other two big toes are starting to hurt pretty bad too. So I´m going to see the doctor again tomorrow to get them checked out, and possibly ripped out too. Yikes! But, other than that everything is going great!! 
     The work is progressing nicely, tambien mi espanol es mucho mejor. Puedo hablar con personas y entiendo casi todo que estan diciendo!! Es un milagro! Yo siento que estoy recibiendo el don de lenguas!! Estoy muy agradedido por eso! Y por la oportunidad tengo ser un misionero. Hay tiempos donde este obra es muy duro para hacer. Pero, el Señor es constantemente conmigo. En tiempos de feliz, y tiempos de prueba. Siempre, necesitamos recordar que podemos pedir por la ayuda del Señor. En cualquier situación. Anyways, I am doing good. Please continue to send your love and prayers!! Mucho amor por todos! 


Elder Strate

Monday, 10 November 2014

Nov 10 letter

Hello Everyone,

     It's wonderful to hear from all of you! Please, continue to write me and I will try to write back if I have time! Miranda, that's a nice buck you got there! Bien hecho hermana! Sounds like basketball season has started! What a wonderful time of the year! And the Giants won the world series, I don't know what to think about that haha. I'm still trying to figure out how Kansas even made it to the finals. 
     Anyways, things here are great!! I'm learning Spanish really fast howver, I still have a lot to learn! As of right now, I can have a normal conversation with someone and I can understand pretty much everything they are saying. Sometimes haha. And Derek is off to Salt Lake eh? That's exciting!! I'm really happy for him and he's going to have a great time! So, every month we get a newsletter from President Kirkham. It's called "La Hoz". I'll let you figure out what that means haha. 
     Anyways, in the letter for this month there was a spiritual thought given by another missionary. A sister missionary that I was in the MTC with, Hermana Newman. When I read this it made me think a lot. So I'm going to share it with all of you porque esta potente!! 
     "What if we treated our Book of Mormon like our cell phone? What if we carried it in a pocket or a pack? What if we turned back when we forgot it? What if we flipped it open several times a day? What if we spent an hour using it? What if we used it consistently to recieve messages? What if we treated it like we could not live without it? What if we searched for new applications? What if we used it while travelling? What if we used it in case of an emergency? What if we treated the Book of Mormon like our cell phone?" Some questions to think about. I really think that if we applied this into our lives we would be a lot happier. And we would be more receptive to the spirit and personal revelation. If there is one thing that I have learned here in my mission, it's that personal revelation is real! It is something that everyone needs and everyone can benefit from too. As missionaries, we need as much as we can get! In our lives, we need to be continually seeking for personal revelation. God wants to help and bless us, and we need to be intune and receptive to the spirit so we can accomplish this. 
     I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon!! Before my mission I took it for granted, and I am never going to do that ever again. I know that if we treat our Book of Mormon's like our cell phones, then we can grow closer to God and Jesus Christ and eventually become like Jesus Christ. Perfect. Thanks everyone for being such good examples to me! I know I wouldn't be here serving a mission without everyone's love and support! Continue to go forth with faith!!
Love Elder Strate

Monday, 3 November 2014

New letter - more baptisms!

Hello everyone,                                                                                        November 2, 2014

     Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone had a good weekend full of fun! Because I did too! We had a baptism on Tuesday. A boy named Ezequiel. He was the only member of his family that wasn't baptized, and now he is! He is the boy on the left. I don't know why he looks sad in the picture haha. I baptized his friend Jamber too. Everything went great! And I'm super happy for him and his family! 

     Elder Tito is awesome!! I'm learning Spanish really fast now. And he's learning English too haha. We are teaching each other.
     I read in one of my emails that Sarah wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas? Well, this is what I want for Christmas haha. I would like 2 CD's. One with Christmas hymns and music. And the other with normal hymns/church music. But everything has to be Church approved. Mom, if you do send me music, please make sure to send the song "The Army of Helaman". You know what I like haha! And this is my favorite song! I'd love to listen to it. I have the sheet music for it, from the MTC. And Elder Tito plays it on his guitar. But I would like my own copy so I can listen to it when I don't have someone to play it for me haha Please and thank you!! Hmm...what else do I want? Well, that's all I want for materialistic things. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and love.
     The people here are amazing!! I love them so much!! And I am so grateful for this opportunity I have so share the Gospel with them!! And my companion Elder Tito, well he is awesome!! We work well together. We have had some good laughs trying to learn Spanish and English haha! That's right, I feel like I'm learning a bit of english.Also, I feel like I'm forgetting english. Just a little bit. And it feels weird to talk in english to be honest. I'm just used to talking in Spanish with Elder Tito and everyone else haha. However, I still have lots to learn. LOTS haha. Well, that's all I have for this week. Thanks everyone for all your love and support! I miss you all so much!! But I know I am doing the right thing by serving a mission!! Have a good, fun and safe week everyone!!