Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas in Mexico

Hello Everyone,

     This past week has been good. We didn't have much success though, because everyone was busy doing other things. However we did eat a lot of food! Haha which is always good. 
     On Christmas Eve, we got invited to eat in a member's house with some other missionaries in our zone. 

     It was awesome! We ate "pizole"(pee-soul-lay). It's one of my favorites! That and empanadas! So good haha. Mexican food is amazing. Just so you know. Anyway, this Christmas was pretty sweet!   
     I got to talk to my family and also to my twin bro, who's serving his mission in Salt Lake! It was awesome. We talked a bit in Spanish, until Derek couldn't anymore haha. That's right Derek, I know more Spanish than you!! Haha. But let's no get competitive or anything... The customs here for christmas are actually very similar to what we do. They have Christmas trees, presents, lots of food, candy and everything. Also, they buy or make pinatas. Which is awesome haha! Who doesn't like a pinata? They eat turkey, ham, chocolate, and lots of other food. Overall, this Christmas was pretty good. Except I miss the's still not the same without snow!! 
      Things are starting to get exciting here in my area. We have some investigators that we could baptize within this next few weeks! We have 7 dates for baptisms. And a few of these people have been investigating the church for a while. For 2 of them, we need help from President to interview them because they have some mental issues. So all we need is the go ahead from President. We are going to talk to him today to see if we can baptize them. This other investigator that we have been teaching is awesome. His name is Carlos. He was gay, but he has changed his life completely. He was a smoker, drinker, and did a lot of bad stuff. Now he doesn't do any of these things. And he is praying for the power to resist all these temptations. Including the temptation to be gay. He is awesome. I think he is going to be baptized within this next week. 
     Well, thank everyone for being awesome! Love you all and keep me in your prayers please!
For Sarah and Bree-
I love you both so much!! It was wonderful to see you on Christmas day! Sounds like you two are improving your skills in many different ways! Which is great, keep it up!! WE HAVE NETFLIX NOW!? I'm jealous haha. At least now when I return I can watch all the TV that I'm missing haha. Love you both to the moon and back!

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