Monday, 8 December 2014


Hello Everyone,

     Just so you know, this past week has been kinda crazy! So I´m going to try to remember all that happened and write it! 
     Okay, so this past week, I found out that I have an infection in my stomach. Yikes! These past few days have been really painful for me. But I have medicine now so hopefully everything will be okay! So please keep me in your prayers, because I need them!! 
     Sounds like everything is going good back home! It´s good to here from some family members. 
Well, today I´m officially done my training! And also, we had transfers this morning! And I´m in a different area. Playa del Carmen!! My new companion is Elder Estrada. He is Mexican, and he´s great! We have a baptism lined up for Saturday which is awesome! This man that we are going to baptize is 94 years old!! And we are going to baptize him in the ocean!! I´m so excited!! I will take pictures of the baptism for next week so you all can see. Oh, and the beach too! Haha. I´m going to try to send a bunch of photos today, to make up for the last few weeks. 
     Anyways, I am doing okay here!! Yes mom, I have received the Christmas package!!! But now I have to wait like 2 and a half more weeks until I can open the I think I can wait... I should be okay haha. I have learned to have a lot of patience here in the mission so I will be fine. As of two days ago, I completed 4 months as a missionary!! Wow time flies. Only 20 more to go...haha.   
     Also, I did receive the pants mom. They are a bit tight, but they should be okay. I saw my father (Elder Webb) today. Today is his last day here in the mission. My father is That´s what we say when a missionary is leaving, he or she is dying. And when they are gone, well, ya they´re dead. And Elder Webb is my ¨father¨ because he trained me. And Elder Tito was my step-father because he finished my training. But anyways, everything is going great!! We have more baptisms lined up for this month too, so I´m super excited! 
District pic with Elder tito and I
     I think on Christmas day, we can talk on Skype. So Dad, if you don´t have an account on skype already you should make one. You can through facebook. It´s easy. Then maybe you could send me the info and your address so I can find you. I think we are going to use the computer of a member. And I don´t know exactly what time on Christmas day, but I can let you know when I do!
Thanks for everything!! Love you all tons!! 
New place in Playa del Carmen and Elder Estrada.


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