Friday, 12 December 2014

Pillow pics

Dawson sent these the other day. No details, hopefully I can tell you more about them later.......... UPDATE
Okay, I will try to explain all the pillows haha. So, in the MTC they have what's called the pillow room. And It is where they store all the pillows in the MTC. And you cannot go in unless you are a staff member. And no one knows where this room is. Until me and my district were in the MTC haha. We found the pillow room and its awesome!! It's about the size of my bedroom back at home, but filld with pillows. And I mean filled!! like 5 feet tall filled with pillows! Its so awesome! You can literally swim in the pillows! Its amazing. Yes, we went in even though we were not suppposed to. So don't tell

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