Monday, 25 April 2016

Officially an Islander

Hello Everyone,

     I got transferred!! I am no longer in Cozumel. I got transferred to Isla Mujeres!! I can officially say that I am now an Islander because I have been on both the Islands here in the Mission Mexico Cancun! Yay! Isla Mujeres is part of the Cancun Stake. Cozumel goes to Playa so I am not longer in the same Stake. 
     Isla Mujeres is very similar to Cozumel. Its a lot smaller and its very narrow. There is just a small branch here, and I think I will have a calling in the branch too. And my companion tells me that I will also be playing the piano! Yay! My new companion is Elder Coffman and hes from Texas! I don´t know what happens when you put two rednecks together, but I am going to find out this transfer! He is awesome and there is a lot of potential here in the island. 
      So, I am going to share with you all an awesome story that happened to me this week about transfers. So, about 4 days ago while I was sleeping, I had a dream. In this dream, I was talking to President Kirkham and he told me that I was getting transferred. So I asked him whereto? And he told me Isla Mujeres. I couldn´t believe it and then I woke up. Then later that morning I told Elder Vargas that I had a dream and that President was sending me to Islan Mujeres. He was just as shocked as I was! 
     So, on Sunday morning, President Kirkham called us so I answered. And he said that I was going to be transferred. Then I asked him If I could guess where I was going and he said ¨sure¨. I replied,¨Isla Mujeres¨. There was a pause, and then stuttering a bit he replied to me, ¨ugh, yes. How did you know that Elder'¨. Then I told him about my dream and that the Lord revealed to me that I was going to be transferred there. He took another pause, and just responded, ¨Wow¨. We talked for a little bit after that and he explained to me how the Island is and everything. I just have to say that in that moment, I felt something very special. It was definitely the spirit, but this time it was different. And I don´t have words to describe it, just amazing! I had never felt the way I did when President confirmed that I was going to Islan Mujeres. It may not sound like anything very interesting but for me it is. I recieved REVELATION!! However, I still don´t know why the Lord revealed it to be beforehand, but I guess I will find out why this transfer! 
      I know that personal revelation is real. I also know that God acts according to the faith of this children and that miracles really do exist. 
      We also had Stake Conference yesterday in Playa. It was wonderful and I got to see lots of members and converts that I know from Playa and Tulum. Its been a year since I was in Playa so it was good to see everyone. Also, President Kirkham talked in the meeting and he mentioned my experience with the dream and everything! Then he told me to stand up, and then told the story. I feel famous now haha. Now everything thinks that I am a prophet haha! (or is it just me...?) Needless to say, yesterday was a wonderful day.
      Thats what happened this week. Thanks everyone for all your support and love. Hope everyone is well and healthy. Until next week!            

           Elder Strate
     Some pictures from Cozumel. Bishop Cuevas and his family. Me with Brayan, an investigator thats going to get baptized soon! Then me with Yazmin and Victor. Awesome members! They make some delicious empanadas!


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