Monday, 18 April 2016

Brother, you have saved my life

Hello Everyone,

      This week has been great. We didn't have a baptism this week, however I did get to baptize someone! His name is Paul and he is in the other Ward. I had the privelege to interview him and also baptize him. What a wonderful experience it was. He has such a powerful tesimony of the gospel and how it has changed his life. I will never forget the what he said to me as we stepped out of the baptismal font, "Hermano, me ha salvado la vida". Which means, "Brother, you have saved my life." 
     Those words penetrated my heart so profoundly that I will never forget it. I know that It wasn't me who saved his life, but Jesus Christ. I am still forever grateful for this opportunity I had to help Paul with his eternal progress. I know that through Jesus Christ, people can change. It doesn't matter who you are, have been, or where you live. The Saviors love and healing power is for EVERYONE! I love this gospel and I get to see it in action every day in the lives of many. 
      Well, transfers are next week. Don't know where they'll send me. Thats what happened this week. Thanks everyone for all the love and support. I knot that this gospel is true and that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. Have a wonderful week!

             Elder Strate 

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