Monday, 11 April 2016

Package arrived

Hello Everyone,

       This has been a good week. Mom, you don't have to worry any longer, I got the package! Thank you very much! I am enjoying the treats and the socks! 
     Some interesting things have happened this week. 
     So, almost every Sunday here, there are tourists/members that come to church. Yesterday I met Stuart Pennington who served in Argentina with Tyler Hansen! Cool! What a small world that we live this morning we went to eat empanadas with him and his wife. It was great!
     Oh, and something weird happened too. So me and my companion were walking, and a guy in a scooter came up and started talking to us. I think he was drunk and he had just finished doing some brickwork, so he had a pickaxe with him. He asked if we were mexicans and my companion said yes, and I did too! He was relieved because if we weren't, he was going to hit us with his pickaxe...then he started ranting about Donald Trump and how much he hates him because supposedly he hates mexicans...and a lot of other things that I can't remember haha. Good thing that I am Mexican 😉 the whitest that you've ever seen!   
     We also had our Leadership meeting in Cancun and later our zone meeting here on the island. Its was great. I was able to learn lots about how to be a better missionary and to teach the doctrine of christ. Focusing especially on the first principle, "Through Jesus Christ we can be cleansed of sin". About the importance that Mercy and Justice play in the gospel. Because of the commandments that God has given us, there is justice. "Mercy cannot rob Justice". Alma 42 for more details. Man, I love the book of Alma! Teaches us everything. Its like the book specially written for the missionaries. 
Thanks everyone for your love and support and prayers! Have a great week in the work of Salvation! 

         Elder Strate 
                                         The Betos Family - Brother Betos makes the best empanadas!!!!

                                            We saw a real life pirate ship!

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