Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Transferred to Cozumel - made a ZL

     Hello Everyone,

     Sorry for not writing yesterday. We had Transfers!! I have been moved to the Cozumel Zone with Elder Alvarado. Thats right, we are on an Island!! Yay!! And guess what else? We are also the new Zone Leaders here. Its my first time being a Zone leader, so I am really excited! I am going to miss Ucum...I attached some pictures below. 
      So, Elder Alvarado is also from Veracruz and from the same stake as Elder Dominguez(my previous companion). Things are going great here. We are still getting to know the area and eveything, but its great! 
      Its super humid here on the Island. I have started to sweat a lot more. But its great and I love it here!! My new companion is great and hes got a great desire to work! 
     Well, thats about all for this week. Sorry for not writing much. We have to go now because we are out of time. Thanks for all the love and support! Keep working hard and I hope everyone has a safe week!
         Elder Strate
                                                                Familia Canul Pascual
Familia Alvarez Sunza (Investigadors) 

                                                           Ucum Ward Council

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