Monday, 15 February 2016

Into a trio

      Hello Everyone,

      This was another hectic week!! Wow, that's two in a row. That usually does not happen often...
So I had to take my companion to Cancun because he got pretty sick. And unfortunately he had to go home :( and I am now companionless. So I am now in a trio with two other missionaries- Elder Vargas and Elder Nunez.

       So now there is just one zone leader. Its a little bit weird, but I think president will solve the problem pretty quick here. So the trip to Cancun and everything took a few days to straightened everything out. But my companion is now getting the treatment he needs and it should all be fine. Poor guy, I feel bad for him. All we can do now is pray for him. 
        On the other hand, we had a baptism on Saturday!! Despite all of the traveling and business, we got it done! Her name is Sugeyli (Soo-hey-lee). She is great and She has a lot of support from the young women in our ward.
                                          Elder Vargas, Sugeylo, me and Elder Nunez
     Well, thats what happened this week. Looking forward to another fun filled week here on the Island!! Have a great week everyone! 

      Elder Strate
                         The boatride between Cancun and Cozulmel
                                                                        Practicing the piano with Elder Nunez
                                     Elder Norcross
                                                                 Cleaning the kitchen

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