Tuesday, 26 January 2016

That's my brother!

     Hello Everyone,

     Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday because there were some problems with the computer, so I'm writing today! 
     First of all, on Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary broadcast. It was wonderful! And I also saw my brother Derek on the big screen!! I screamed and shouted in spanish, "thats my brother!!" haha!! Congrats Derek you are now famous to all the missionaries in the world! It was also wonderful to hear from the apostles and prophets. 
     The two sessions that I loved most were Elder Bednar (I know him) and Elder Oakes. When they talked about the holy ghost and his role in the conversion process. How that we need to be worthy of his companionship so he can testify to others through us. However, we can't force them to accept the gospel (2Nephi 33:1-2). And the need for repentance. It is so important that we ALL repent. Its the only way that we can return to live with God in his presence. Without being cleansed by the atoning blood of Christ, there is no hope. Its true, we will all be saved from physical death. So, based on our level of obedience and repentance will determine to which Kingdom of glory we will inherit. So the choice is yours, Eternal life or captivity and eternal damnation (hope that didn't sound too harsh!) Let's all repent and come unto Christ. 
     Transfers are next week so we'll see what happens. I think I might be leaving Ucum but who knows! Love you all and hope you have a great week!
         Elder Strate

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