Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Busy Busy

Hello Everyone,

      This past week has been a little hectic. Lots of running around! 
      So, as a Zone Leader I now have lots of responsibilities. So on Tuesday we traveled to Cancun for a special meeting on Wednesday morning. It was great! Learned about how we all need to teach repentance and baptize converts. And some other things that we need to change as a mission. And we also had our Zone Meeting the next day here in Cozumel. 
      There are 10 missionaries here in the Island. The island is fairly big. There is one church here and two wards. I am in the sedond ward. We are 3 companionships in this ward, and 2 in the first ward. May I just say, the Island is great! The members are really excited to work with us and I feel like we should have lots of sucess here. Actually, we have a baptism planned for this Saturday. Hope everything falls through! 
      We also could not work much this week. After we finished the Zone meeting, my companion got sick. So we had to stay in the house a few days...which was super boring. However, he is a bit better now! 
      Well, thats whats going on right now. Sorry, I dont have any pictures. But next week I will have some! Thanks for all the love and support. Until next week!! 


Elder Strate

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