Monday, 18 January 2016


      Hello Everyone,                           

     Well this week has been a bit hectic.
      So I got a call on Tuesday from one of the secretaries and he told me that I needed to go to Cancun. Because I needed to get my Green Card, which allows me to stay here in Mexico. Its like a temporal residency. So we went left for Cancun Thursday afternoon and we didn't get back until Saturday at about it was pretty boring. Didn't get much work done this week because of that. Oh, and I also got another toenail taken out! Yay!! Let me just say that I feel a lot better.      
      So, we didn't have the baptism this week. With the trip to Cancun and all, we couldn't get the interview done. And also, Ephraim didn't show up to Church yesterday. Which is odd because he always comes. We might have to drop him...we're working on that right now! 
       Thats about it for this week. Went by super fast and didn't get much done. However, this week we are going to have a special meeting. It will be a worldwide broadcast to all the missionaries everywhere! Looking forward to it! 
       As for me I'm doing good here! Thanks for all the love and support! 

            Elder Strate

                                                     District pic


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