Monday, 11 January 2016


      Hello Everyone,
      This week has been good. Last week on P-Day we played some ball! I bought a cheap glove, a few balls and a wood bat to play with. It was a great time! But it's sure been a while since I've thrown!! Wow, almost 3 years...too long! I taught my companion a few things too and we had fun! Just so you know Dad, I tried not to hurt my companion but...well..umm, the ball hit him in the face HAHA!! But hey it wasn't my fault! I told him how to hold the glove and everything and he didn't do it quite right haha. Luckily it was just the ricochet off of his glove that got him in the nose haha so it wasn't too bad. Oh, and I also broke the bat...which doesn't surprise me! 

     But something good happened too! As we were playing, I noticed someone watching us. He seemed really interested so I invited him to come and play and he accepted. His name is Manuel, hes 18 years old and he loves baseball. So we played for a bit and then we told him that we were missionaries and all, and he accepted an appointment! Yay! Turns out that his aunt is actually a member here in Ucum(which I didn't know before). So we are excited for that!
     This Saturday we should have a baptism. Ephraim feels like he is ready now. Atleast thats what he told us after Church yesterday. And I hope so! He is so great. He comes to Church every Sunday and loves being there too! He is definitely ready to make covenants with God. 
      Its great to see the Gospel change lives. Especially when we are able to help in that process. Our Heavenly Father is so wonderful for allowing us to participate in his work. I know the Church is true and that Jesus Christ Lives!! Thanks for all your wonderful examples to me. And also for your love and prayers! 

               Elder Strate 

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