Monday, 2 November 2015

TREK Skills used

Hello Everyone,

     This past week has been interesting. 
     We started off the week with a service project. And I might say, not your common service project!! When we visited a less active family, the Mom told us that she wanted to sell some of her chickens. Here, lots of people have live chickens and other animals in their properties that they sell from their homes. So anyways, she wanted to sell some of here chickens, but she didn't want to kill them because she gets kinda grossed out and scared. So we offered to help! Thats right, we killed three chickens on Tuesday morning!! Thanks to brother Boyes for teaching us how to kill chickens on "Trek 2014", I was able to do it! I also taught my companion too. 
     Then, we also did another service project on Saturday. We helped a family of recent converts to take down/destroy the roof of their "palapa". Palapas are the houses here that they make out of sticks, metal sheets, or palm tree leaves, whatever they can find! Like the one in the background of the picture below. So we had a week full of service! Which is awesome!! "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ya are only in the service of your God". 
      Also, Halloween here isn't celebrated much. I only saw one trick or treater on halloween night. I guess its not really a tradition here. What they do celebrate here is "dia de los muertos", or "day of the dead". Where they celebrate and pay their respects to the deceased. They also go to the cemetaries with their families and have like a party. With lots of food, cake, and alchohol haha. Its a little weird if you ask me but oh well. I think its more of a catholic thing. And there are lots of people here that are catholic, so it makes sense. 
      Also, today we went to Chetumal to buy some things. I bought some new ties! Yay! I've never been so excited about having ties before until I became a missionary haha! And...we couldn't take a bus to get back because there is a strike going on right now in the middle of the highway that was blocking the traffic from going both guess what? Thats right, we started walking. And the distance is about the same between Magrath and Lethbridge, 34km. Imagine walking that distance in the hot sun...with heavy grocery bags in both hands! So thats what we did 😧 
      Well, next week we have transfers too. Wow, this transfer went by super fast!! Who knows where I will be next week. Thanks for all the love and support! Keep moving forward with faith, "to tell the world of Jesus Christ our Lord!". 


          Elder Strate    

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