Thursday, 12 November 2015

Delayed in emailing

      Hello Everyone,

     I didn't get a chance to write on Monday, so I'm writing today!!
     So there was transfers!! But I am staying here in Ucum. My companion Elder Jayer got transferred to Cancun. So Monday morning we left for Cancun. It takes about 6 hours to get there, so that kind of ate up our whole day. My new companion is Now Elder Dominguez. He was waiting for me in Cancun, but we had to stay there because I needed to go to immigration on Wednesday morning. However, I didn't bring any clothes to stay overnight so we had to return back to Chetumal on Monday. Another 6 hour bus ride...ugh. So Monday we traveled 12 hours total. Then on Tuesday we left again for Cancun, stayed the night with some of the Secretaries, then came back yesterday after I had fingerprinted some documents in immigration. So, in three days, I traveled a total of 24 hours by bus...yay..? So thats why today I am barely having my P-Day. But everythings good! 
       We have also found some new investigators lately and they are amazing!! Definitely chosen by the Lord to make covenants with him! One is Ephraim and his brother names Lazarus!! Hopefully I will be able to say that I baptized Lazarus haha! And we are currently working with some other investigators too. The work is moving forward!! 
     Well, thats about all for this week. Thanks everyone for the love and prayers. I hope you all have a wonderful week! The Lord loves every one of his children and wants them ALL to return to him!! So lets do it!! "Keep the commandments, keep the commandments! In this there is safety in this, there is peace." 

                                                            Chetumal Zone pic


                            Elder Strate

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