Monday, 30 November 2015

Close to Belize

     Hello Everyone,

     This week was great!! We had a baptism on Saturday woooh!!! Damaris got baptized and it was wonderful. The spirit was felt so strongly during the baptismal service!! 

      Also, another special event happened yesterday!! The Presentation of the Primary!! And guess what? I played the piano for the songs that the children sang. 
     We have been practicing the past few weeks and it turned out great. There were lots of people crying in sacrament meeting because the spirit was so strongly felt. I am so grateful that I could contribute too!! The members were so happy afterward and they told me that I did a good job. They said the piano sounded like the music track of the church songs haha! That made me feel good!
     And if all goes well, this Saturday we will have another baptism!! Yay!!
     So, as of yesterday a very special video has come on the internet. Its called "Ha Nacido un Salvador". Its a great video about Christmas! It talks about the importance of a Savior in our lives!! I invite everyone to visit it!! Share it on FB, twitter, everything!! The whole world needs to know about it!! or . Check it out!! I love this time of year! The spirit of Christmas has arrived!! Well, thats whats going on this week. Thanks everyone!! Enjoy this wonderful week!!

     Elder Strate 

                 Behind us is the Country of Belize!! We are super close to the border!!

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