Monday, 29 June 2015

Sweet Shades

    Hello Everyone,

     Wow, lots of wonderful things are happening back home and all over too! May everyone be safe in all your crazy and fun adventures. As for me, there have been some new things. 
     Ok, so we had a meeting with President Kirkham on Saturday Night and it was awesome! Just a meeting for the District and Zone Leaders. We talked about lots of things. Mainly about how we can start to baptize more people in the mission. By teaching the Restoration and the other lessons we will help to increase the member's faith and then they will trust in us to give us referrals. Hopefully we can get the work moving even more now!! 
     This Sunday we taught a less active family the restoration, and it was amazing!! I felt the spirit so strongly and I know that they felt it too!! They were almost crying! I think they are going to start coming back to Church. This is the part I love most about being a missionary. When you can truly feel that the spirit is working through you and testifying to them about the truthfulness of the gospel, it is truly amazing!! There aren't words that can describe how I felt in these moments. Wow. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!!! I KNOW IT WITH ALL MY HEART!! And what a blessing it is to be worthy and able to teach these truths to the people here in Mexico!! Those of you that have served missions know what I'm talking about. Its truly awesome. 
Also, President told us that we no longer have to wear suit jackets!! YA!! Now I won't be sweating as much on Sundays haha!! 
     I hope everyone is having a great summer!! Have fun and stay safe!! I don't like to brag, but...I'm probably having more fun than all of you!! What's better than bringing Salvation to God's children? Nothing!! 
     Oh and I also forgot to mention. On my Last Day in Playa del Carmen, we found Raul!! But as of right now I haven't heard anything. But he is found and I hope Elder Smith is teaching him
     Lots of love,
          Elder Strate

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