Monday, 22 June 2015

General Authority visit

     Hello Everyone,

     First off, I would like to congratulate all of the fathers in ALL of the world!! Happy Father's Day!! Especially my fathers in my life!! My dad, Ron Strate, has impacted my life in so many wonderful ways! Every since my life started(well here in the earth that is) He has been an amazing father. Always there for me in the good times and the bad. Always been an amazing example to me of how a father should be. Loving and caring for his family, teaching gospel principles to his children, and most importantly presiding as a patriarch in our home and raising us in righteousness. Also thanks to my Grandfathers, Rick Strate, and Ed French. Also, two marvelous examples to me in how they live and love their families!! I love them all sooooooo much!!
     Ok, so this week was another very special week for the missionaries here in the Mexico Cancun Mission!! We had another General Authority come to visit us!! Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, a member of the quroum of the Seventy. 
 Arnulfo Valenzuela
     It was wonderful!! He talked to us about our purpose as missionaries, and how we can become "Full Purpose Missionaries". In other words, doing all of what is required of us as missionaries. So for example, not just working with less active members or just trying to baptize everyone. Even though that would be amazing haha!! We have a saying here in the mission. Encontrar(find) Enseñar(teach) Bautizar(baptize) Retener(retain) and Reactivar(re-activate). EEBRR . So our job is to find people to teach, teach them, baptize them, retain them as new members, and also reactivate less actives. So he taught us the ways that we can constantly be doing these 5 things and not just one or two. It was really special!!
     Also, guess what? Elder Valenzuela interviewed a few missionaries. Yep you guess it, I was one of them!! I got to talk face to face with a General Authority!! How awesome is that!?!? I felt the spirit so strong during the interview and also during the sessions that he taught us. I have been truly blessed here in this Mission. I've had two amazing opportunities to talk face to face with Men who have been called my God to be special witnesses and representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!! Wow. I really felt like the Savior himself was here this week. Sometimes I ponder about how wonderful it would be to be called to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Pure AWESOMENESS!! 
     Oh and something else happened too. This past week my companion and I went to Tizimin to do a baptismal interview. And the member drove up to us to take him to his house to have the interview with the investigator. And guess what? His license plate says Alberta, Canada!!! WOW!!! What are the chances of that!?!? So ya the member is Canadian and he's living here with his wife who is Mexican. He finished his mission about three years ago and now he's living here. He's from Ontario but he was working in Edmonton. And he has the Alberta plate still because he told me that he drove it here from Edmonton. Wow, super long trip haha!! What a small world we live in...
     Anyways, thats all I got for this week. Hope all of you fathers enjoyed fathers day!! May we all have another uplifting, safe, and spiritual week in the work of Salvation!! 

       Lots of love,

         Elder Strate

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