Monday, 8 June 2015

Election craziness

Hello Everyone,

     This week has been a bit better than the last. We are starting to find some more people to teach, but its still hard. Yesterday we were not allowed to proselyte. The elections took place yesterday. People here are a bit crazy when it comes to politics, so thats why we stayed inside all day. If they don't get what they want, then they will take out their machetes and knives and just riot! It seriously gets crazy!! The other day I heard that two people died because of the fights. That one party doesn't agree with another. Crazy!! We were able to go to church still, so that was good. But thats all over know, so hopefully we can get the missionary work going because the people aren't focused in politics anymore haha. 
     The members are super happy that they have someone that can play the piano when we sing hymns. There wasn't anyone who knew how to play before. So thats going good! I hope that everyone had a great week. Keep writing and sending your love and thoughts!! Another week in the Work of Salvation!! Couldn't be doing anything better!!
     Sarah- You think its hot there!?!? ITS 40 DEGREES HERE EVERY DAY AND THE HUMIDITY IS THROUGH THE ROOF!!! I SWEAT JUST FROM STANDING OUTSIDE, IN THE SHADE!!!! Lol. Sounds like your busy, and thats awesome!! Keep doing wonderful things and always being a good example to your sisters. And Derek hahaha.

Elder Strate

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