Monday, 15 June 2015

Fisher of Men

     Hello Everyone,

     We had a baptism this week!! And it was a wonderful experience!! We baptized a little girl named Vianey(bee-a-ney). She's 10 years old and here parents are a bit less active. But she goes to church anyways!! And yes her parents came to the baptism and everything. It was such a wonderful experience and I felt the spirit so strong!! We are now working with the whole family so we can get them to the temple to be sealed!! What a wonderful opportunity!! The last picture is of the family. They are 4 in the family. 
     Oh, and yes the building we meet in is an LDS building. Its just small and only has a few rooms. In the second picture, we are standing in front of the baptismal font. Yep, its outside!! Its a bit different eh? I thinks its great!! It doesn't really matter where we do the baptisms, the important thing is that they are getting baptized!! 
     So we have found some new people to teach too. There aren't many people here that are interested to listen to us, so its a miracle that we are starting to find some more people! Our prayers are really being answered!! Other than that, everything is good here in Calotmul. Its been raining almost every day. This whole past week it has been raining. I think its because there is a hurricane close..! Hopefully it doesn't hit us!! Haha. 
     Oh, and also our fridge died. The other day we were finishing up oiur planning and suddenly all the lights and power went off. Then after like 2 seconds it all turned back on again. And then the fridge didn't work... So luckily the branch president is a mechanic for fridges so he came to the rescue!! Whew! Thanks goodness! I thought my milk was going to go bad lol. 
     Hope everyone had a good week and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Stay faithful every day and look for opportunities to brighten someones day!! 

              Elder Strate

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