Monday, 2 March 2015

Starting 8th month!

Hello Everyone,

     Well, we had transfers this morning. Marking the end of another 6 weeks here in the mission. As for me, I am staying here in Playa del Carmen in the same area. This is my 3rd transfer now in the area. Which is awesome because I love this area!! And Elder Mayorga is still my companion. Its the first time here in my mission that I've had the same companion for more than one transfer. Nice haha.     
     And unfortunately I had to say goodbye to an amazing missionary and friend. Elder Bardales finishes his mission today. He is so awesome and such a great example to me. He was one of my zone leaders here in Playa. He's from Peru. I don't know where but thats okay haha. It was also his birthday, so after our district meeting we ate some cake. Oh, and a nice picture of Elder Collins eating the cake...right before Elder Bardales smashes his face into it haha! 
It was awesome! I don't know what Elder Collins was thinking... I guess thats how people in Oregon eat cake haha (that's where he is from if you didn't understand). And, he likes the Trail Blazers...of all the teams...haha. I guess he kinda deserved to get his face smashed in a cake for being a Trail Blazers fan haha. Go Thunder!!  
     This past week we got to see the movie "Meet the Mormons". It was amazing! Everyone needs to see it. I mean everyone!! Mormon or not, everyone needs to know about us!! This is a great opportunity to do missionary work. To show this movie to your friends and family and to everyone possible!! PLEASE. Haha.
     So this little girl that I recently baptized is awesome. She goes to church every Sunday and participates in learning and living the gospel! Some of the members of her family are less active(specifically the father). But for her, that doesn't matter because she's always telling her dad that he needs to get his butt to church and its pretty funny lol. Anyways, she is teaching me a lot. That inspite of what the people do around us, that we always have our free agency. And we can always choose to do the right even when others may be lost. And the best we can do to help is set an example of a true disciple of Christ. As we do that the Lord can work miracles through our actions and words. I testify that this is the ONLY true church on the face of this earth. And that Jesus Christ restored it along with his gospel through Joseph Smith. I have no doubt in my mind!! I love you all and thanks for all your love and support. Keep sending thoughts and prayers!! 

Elder Strate                                      

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