Monday, 9 March 2015

Spirit is strong

Hello Everyone,

     Its great to hear news from everyone every week about what's going on in lil o'le Magrath!!    Congrats to the Grade 9 Zeniths for winning the Zone title!! That's awesome!! Keep puttin up them banners boys!! Haha. 
     Things here in Mexico are pretty good. We haven't been able to visit Lazaro and Maria because they have been busy :( but, we did find another investigato that is awesome. I'll tell you what happened.
     So, Elder Mayorga and I were walking in the street like normal. Suddenly I had the feeling that we needed to cross the street. I didn't know why in the moment, but I followed that prompting that I recieved. We crossed the street and we saw a young man sitting down in the street waiting for a bus. We talked to him and told him who we were and a little bit about us. However, he wasn't really too interested to hear what we had to say. Then he hopped on the bus and left. 
     But, just after that a woman came up to us and started talking. "Are you guys Jehova's Witnesses?" she asked. "No, we're from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"I replied. Basically she started talking to us and she said that she saw us on the other side of the street. But she was far away before and she didn't know if we were going to walk towards her (which we did, thanks to the prompting I followed). And she also said that she wanted to talk to us because she is looking for God. And that she doesn't feel comfortable in the other churches that she has been too. So ya, it was pretty awesome. She came to church yesterday and she has accepted everything that we've taught her!! Oh ya, her name is Crisaime. Hopefully she will get baptized right away. 
     This experience really shows me that we always need to be in tune with the spirit. So that we can be guided towards the people that the Lord has prepared to recieve his gospel. It's so awesome. I love missionary work!! 
     Love you all tons. Keep praying for me!! Until next week!


Elder Strate

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