Monday, 16 March 2015

Birthday Week

Hello Everyone,

     This week has been pretty normal. Nothing too exciting has happened. One thing that kind of sucks. We haven't been able to find Raul. He changed his house and we have no idea where it is. We are going to keep looking and hopefully we can find him!! With prayer and faith anything is possible!! 
     This past week President Kirkham and Sister Kirkham came to our house. The other misisonaries' houses too. To make sure that they are all clean and everything. I was nervous to be honest haha. Our house isn't the cleanest, but not too dirty either! For a house here in Mexico, its pretty clean haha. But everyone went well. Our mission president is really cool and he is definitely inspired by God!! 
     Sorry if the pictures I sent offend anyone haha. My companion and I were being a bit relaxed and goofy haha. But thats okay, because we need it. Missionary work is hard. I can honestly say that its the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!!! And yes you can also see my tan on my forearms compared to the rest of my arm...Anyways, we are doing good here in Playa del Carmen. We have a ward mision activity this Saturday. It should be awesome!! It's like an open house outside in a basketball court that is under a dome (Where we play ball). We are inviting the people to know the Church and the different organizations within. Like Relief Society, Primary, Priesthood etc. It should be great and I hope we get a lot of references!!

Well, I have to go know but thanks for writing me!(those who have) I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Oh ya, and I turn 19 on Wednesday. Wow...


Elder Strate

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