Monday, 23 March 2015

Meet the Mormons

Hello Everyone,

     Just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!! I had a great week!
     Its a tradition here in Mexico to smash you face into the cake haha! So guess what? Well ya I did that lol. Usually another person "helps" by pushing your face into the cake, but I gladly did it of my own free will. I had 3 different birthday parties thanks to the members here that are so awesome!! 

      We also ordered pizza one night to celebrate my birthday, however it never should up!! We waited and waited for the delivery service. But nope. So we just went to sleep a little angry haha. Then, suddenly at 1am our phone rang. It was the pizza place and they asked my if the pizza had arrived...which it didn't. So I said "nope, but thanks for waking me up!"(being 1am) and then we went back to sleep haha.
     This past Saturday we also had a ward mission activity. We called it "Meet the Mormons". Like the movie haha. It was great. Basically we had an open house where the people could walk in and learn about the different organizations in the church. It was great, we had a lot of references so I hope we can speed up the work now!! 
                                                                    Gonzales Family    
     Well that's about all I have but thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!! Love hearing from everyone so keep writing please!!


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