Monday, 14 December 2015


     Hello Everyone

     We had transfers!! But me and my companion are staying here together for at least one more transfer. Yay! And some great things happened this week! 
     On Friday night we had our Stake Christmas activity! It was wonderful. All of the wards and branches prepared numbers to perform. Including the missionaries too! We did our own little play. We acted out the story of Christs birth and what happened here in the Americas. So, I was Nephi. 

      Which was awesome! IT was a lot of fun. There was also Samuel the Lamanite who preached of the birth of Christ. Overall it was great and we all felt the spirit and learned more about the BOM and Christmas! 

     Yesterday, something very special occurred too. We were able to attend the broadcast of the Dedication of the Temple in Tijuana, Mexico. So we went to the Stake Center in Chetumal to watch the broadcast. It was so amazing! Fact: The Tijuana Mexico Temple is he first Temple in Mexico to be built with Mexican style and materials! All of the wood, brick, etc came from Mexico! And the style of the structure and the building is Mexican style too. Even the furniture inside! 
      The Lord has a lot of confidence in the country of Mexico. I am so happy that I was called to serve here! It truly is the Promised Land. VIVA MEXICO!! Also President Utchdorf dedicated the temple and he gave a great talk too. Oh by the way, about 7 years ago more or less I shook his hand 😄 I love listening to General Authorities!!
      So thats what happened this week. Also this Friday we are having a Branch Christmas party! Yay!! If you haven't realized it yet, we kinda party a lot. Its really what us Mexicans do ya know! Haha! 
       Have a great week and a safe Christmas season everyone! Until next week!

                        Elder Strate

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