Monday, 7 December 2015

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone,

     First off, I would like to wish a happy birthday to two very special people. My Mother Kristine Strate and my Father Ron Strate. Who just recently had their birthdays separated by only one day!! Thats right, one day!! Dec 5 and Dec 6th! Wow, not many people can say that their parents are only a day's age apart, but I can!! I just was to say that I have an eternal gratitude for the both of them. There are so many wonderful things I could say about them that would be an endless list! So I will just say this, without them in my life I wouldn't be here right now. All the love, patience, kindness, and more than anything, righteousness! Thanks Mom and Dad for Everything!! Love you both forever and EVER! 
     So, this week we had a Christmas devotional hosted by the missionaries of the Zone Chetumal. It was great! We had originally planned another activity but something happened and we had to change last minute. So, instead of doing a play, we sang and did some other things. However, it was still a very special night! I felt the spirit so strong as we sang Christmas hymns and testified of Christ. It was wonderful! And this Friday we are having a Stake Christmas activity. So we are going to perform then instead. Which is alright with me, more practice makes perfects! Especially being Nephi, one of the leading roles! I'm so excited!! 
                                            Practicing for the play
     Oh, and I hope that you all have watched the Christmas videos of "A Savior is Born". Please watch them and share them on FB, twitter and everything!! I love Christmas time! Such a wonderful spirit can be felt all around the world! 
     Oh, and the baptism we had this week got postponed. Our investigator Ephriam still doesn't feel quite ready, so we are hoping for the 26th of December. Boxing Day! Well thats all for this week.      
     Thanks everyone and have a wonderful week full of Christmas miracles!!

             Elder Strate
                     Our Christmas Tree 

                    With me as an ornament! But they put my face

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