Monday, 19 October 2015

Rain, rain and more rain

     Hello everyone,

     This past week has been full of RAIN. And I mean a lot of rain! Four days straight it was raining hard here. So, needless to say my companion and I have done a lot of necessary puddle jumping! Yes the water here got pretty high. But with umbrellas and ponchos, we can still proselyte! Yay for modern technology! 
     The work here has been about the same. With a lot of rain the people here don't leave there houses. So sometimes its a bit difficult to find people to let us in when its raining. We have alos started going to another little town called Butron. We have a few investigators there but not many. There is not church there either. So hopefully we can get things going over there. And who knows, maybe Elder Jayer and I will be the first ones to start a house of prayer! That would be amazing! 
     Everything here is going great! I love it here in Mexico and I love being able to serve the people here! Well, thats about al I have for this week. Thanks for all the love and support! May we always recognize the Lord's hand in our lives!


Elder Strate 

                                                              Fruit tree in our yard

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