Tuesday, 14 April 2015

No transfer - new comp though

Hello Everyone,

     Sorry I didn't get the chance to write yesterday. I am still here in Playa in the same area again. Another transfer more!! This is my fourth transfer in the area!! Wow haha. I didn't get the chance to write because I had to wait for my new companion to arrive. He came from Chetumal, which is about 5 hours away from here. But he arrived good and healthy. 
     My new companion is Elder Smith!! He is from Draper, Utah. My second white companion haha. My other one was Elder Webb, my father. Anyways, I think we should work great as a companion ship. Elder Smith speaks spanish really well and so that will help me to learn more. And, I might get the chance to kill him!! HAHA! He only has two transfers left in his mission, so if he goes home with me as his last companion, then I "kill" him. Because that means he's no longer in the mission and he will be "dead" haha. Don't worry, I'm not actually going to take his life...obviously. 
     So my day yesterday was a bit hectic running back and forth to try to get eveything done in our P-Day. But its all good now. 
     I just also want to say that we are going to have a new Stake here in Playa!!! We will no longer be a part of the Cancun Stake. The membership has grown enough here that we are starting our own stake now!! How awesome is that!! On the 26 of April we will be entering the new stake center, because they are still finishing up some renovations. But I am super excited to enter the new Stake Center. We can truly see the Lord's hand in his own work here in Playa. That thanks to the hard work of many faithful members and missionaries that we are having lots of success in the Lord's vineyard. 
 This is us wating in the bus station ADO. 
The Elders in our Zone just before this new transfer started.

This is our whole zone of this last transfer. 
With certificates because we have accomplished good things. 
From memory we know all the lesson in their order and other things too.  

     Anyways, I am doing great and thanks for all the love and support. I hope that my letters are helping and inspiring those that are reading.
     Hasta la próxima semana. 

     con mucho amor,

     Elder Strate

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