Monday, 20 April 2015

Challenge accepted and won

Hello Everyone,

     So this past week, I got a new companion. I think I already mentioned him but I will do it again anyways because he's so awesome!! His name is Elder Smith, and he's only got 3 months left in the Mission. Guess I'd better get all the information and wisdom I can from him before he leaves!!  
     So this week, our zone (Zone Playa) had a contest against another zone(Zone Tizimin). Normally every day, each companionship has a goal to talk with 10 people every day. But this Saturday we had a challenge. Zone Tizimin challenged us and said that they were going to talk to 500 people as a zone Saturday. Only on Saturday. And they challenged us to see which zone could talk to more people. We gladly accepted the challenge!! We did the math, and every companioship in our zone had to talk with atleast 67 people. However, this was to get 600 so that we could beat Tizimin. Remember, this was only on Saturday. One day to talk to so many people. And our normal daily goal is to talk to 10 people each day. We definitely had our work cut out for us. So, being the awesome Zone that we are, we crushed the other zone!! We talked with 647 people on Saturday as a zone. With Tizimin at a measely 453...haha. 
     It was a great time and I definitely take pride in it!! Don't get me wrong, the pride is not for me, but rather for our Heavenly Father. With his help he enabled us to talk with so many people. And even though it was a fun competition, we are still always on the same team. Having talked to more than 1000 people as two zones in one day, I say that's pretty amazing!!
     This is about all I have for this week. We are still preparing some investigators for baptism. With the help of Elder Smith who is a veteran, we should be able to get some great work done!! Thanks for all your love and support!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week!! 

     Lots of love,
      Elder Strate           

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