Monday, 16 February 2015

Weekly Letter

Hello Everyone,

      Sounds like lots of great things are going on back home!! Because here in Mexico, its wonderful!! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and I'm a missionary!! What more could I want? Haha. Oh, happy valentines day too! Even though it doesn't really mean much to me as a missionary. Or does it...? Haha I'm just joking. 
     This week has been a pretty normal week. We did find a few more investigators to teach. A young couple that we talked to in the street. Jesse and Irvin. We have visited with them once and we taught the restoration. It was awesome. I felt the spirit so strong as I was testifying of Joseph Smith and that through him we have the true Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I know that they could feel the spirit too. We have another appointment to visit them tomorrow and I'm sure that we will be able to put a baptismal date for them! 
     Other than that, not much else has happened. But, for your information, I might not have time to write a letter next Monday. Because I think we are going to Tulum with some other missionaries to see the ancient ruins and stuff! It should be interesting! 
     Thanks for all the love and support! And I also apologize for not having any photos to send...but I guess thats okay. Love you all and have a safe week!

     Elder Strate

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