Monday, 9 February 2015

Deja vu

Hello Everyone,

     This week has been pretty calm. Nothing crazy has happened haha. I forgot to tell a bit more about my companion. My companion is Elder Mayorga, and he is from the State of Mexico. He has 4 months here in the mission. And me with 6 now, both of us are still fairly new haha. But thats okay.      
     We get along great and we help each other learn different things every day! Okay, well something pretty interesting did happen this week haha. Your not going to believe this, well maybe lol. Ok here goes. 
     So remember when I told you all the story about this guy and another woman fighting in the street with a knife? Well, it just so happens that we had another encounter with the same people this week... Elder Mayorga and I were walking in the streets and this same guy that was in the fight rode his bike up behind us and started talking to us. He said his name was Raul and that he wanted to talk to us. *gulp* lol. Anyways, he started talking to us and he thanked us for what we had done (we called the police if you don't already know). He explained to us that this woman was his wife and that she wanted to cut/stab him with the knife. She wanted to because she was mad at him because he told her to stop smoking marijuana lol. And the reason that he had the knife is because he took it away from her so she couldn't stab him! Then he said that the police helped and it was all good. But if we hadn't called the police when we did, who knows what could've happened. Now comes the awesome part! So we talked to him and he explained that he has a drinking problem and that he hadn't drank alcohol for 7 years until this past week when he had one. He told us that he wants to change and everything. Then he said that he is familiar with the church and he's really interested. So we returned to his house yesterday to teach him and he accepted everything we taught and he also accepted a date for baptism!! WOOHOO!! haha. March 21 is the date we put. But he might be able to be baptized before then because he is so awesome. 
     So thats what happened this week haha! I hope you all like the pictures of me washing my clothes in a bucket with a stick lol. I do look a bit mad in the photo, but don't worry I am happy haha! Thanks for all your love and support! I hope that you keep sending your prayers and thoughts! 


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