Monday, 12 January 2015

Onto my six month!

Hello Everyone,                                                           January 12, 2015

         This week has been good. The Campos Family says hi to everyone and sends their love! They are a member family here in Playa, and they are amazing. They love us and are always helping us missionaries! 
         It's been a normal week here in the mission. Nothing really new has happened. But we have contacted some new investigators, so I hope we can get rolling with them! The other day a Sister in our ward gave me a pair of tennis shoes haha! They are awesome, the brand is called "Slayd" seems legit. I don't know when I'm going to wear them lol, so I might send them home.
         Oh, a funny thing happened this week. We were walking in the street, and this old russian guy started talking to us. He asked us if we were Jehova's Witnesses, and we said no. He was covered in tattoes and he was smoking in our faces haha. He started talking about the Soviet Union and how communism is the best type of government lol. And I think he was trying to incorporate Jesus Christ into communism or something. I was totally lost haha. And then he explained to us the significance of his tattoes lol. I understood for the most part what he was saying, but I couldn't figure out how it all fit together or why he was saying it lol. But ya it was a funny experience! He wants us to visit him, but hes kinda crazy so I don't think we will haha. 
            Ok Bree, I want more details. Maybe your dream is a vision haha. Who did I marry!?!? Lol. Love you two so much!! Can't wait to see you again on Mother's day!
Thanks for all your love and support and emails! Keep writing and sending your love!


Elder Strate  

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