Monday, 17 November 2014

Nov 17 letter - need an interpretor

Hello Everyone,

      Another week here in Paradise!! Yes mom I did recieve the package! Thanks a lot for the pants! They were desperately needed haha! 
     That´s really sad to here about what happened to Jeff Ripley. Yes I remember him! I didn´t know him well personally but I always knew that he was a great young man!! In moments like this it can be really hard for everyone. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. But we need to remember something, that this life is only a small portion of Heavenly Father´s plan for us!! We are all going to see Jeff again! We may miss him now, but our time here on this earth is nothing compared to the eternities that await us. 
     As for me, this week has been interesting. I´m starting to get some ingrown toenails.  
I´m pretty sure it´s because of all the walking, and not cutting them very well. Oops. So on Friday I had one of mine yanked out by the Doctor. I sent a very pretty picture of it so you all can see. It´s just the bandage around it. But, my other two big toes are starting to hurt pretty bad too. So I´m going to see the doctor again tomorrow to get them checked out, and possibly ripped out too. Yikes! But, other than that everything is going great!! 
     The work is progressing nicely, tambien mi espanol es mucho mejor. Puedo hablar con personas y entiendo casi todo que estan diciendo!! Es un milagro! Yo siento que estoy recibiendo el don de lenguas!! Estoy muy agradedido por eso! Y por la oportunidad tengo ser un misionero. Hay tiempos donde este obra es muy duro para hacer. Pero, el Señor es constantemente conmigo. En tiempos de feliz, y tiempos de prueba. Siempre, necesitamos recordar que podemos pedir por la ayuda del Señor. En cualquier situación. Anyways, I am doing good. Please continue to send your love and prayers!! Mucho amor por todos! 


Elder Strate

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