Monday, 20 October 2014

Letter- spiritual experience

Hola todos,                                                                                          October 19, 2014

       This week has been pretty awesome!! Lots of good things have happened. Mom, I did get the package, thanks! I appreciate the candy haha!! So, I'm going to update a little about myself. When I was in the MTC I caught a bad cold. And when I got to Mexico, it only got worse. So I talked to the Doc last week and she gave me some medicine for bronchitis. However, I am feeling a lot better now! So don't worry about my health. As of right now, I am great!!
       Also, another thing that's super awesome. Since I've been here in Mexico, I have lost about 15 pounds!! I'm skinny now haha. Which is great because I gained some unwanted weight in the MTC haha. Mom, I am exercising besides walking all day haha. I do my knee exercises in the mornings, or pushups. Whatever I feel like doing. My knee is fine, haven't had too much trouble with it. Been sore a few times, but other than that it's good. 
       Okay, I had a really neat experience this week that I want to share with all of you. Okay, so this happened on Thursday this past week. Elder Webb and I were eating at a member's house, when we got a phone call from the sister missionaries in our district. They needed us to give someone a blessing. So we got permission to leave our area then we took a taxi to where the sisters were. As we get to the house, I'm just expecting this to be totally normal. You know, like someone who is sick and just want a blessing. Well, this was not the case. This was something much more. So we walk into the house, into the room to where this person was. There was a boy there laying on the bed, eyes wide open, breathing heavily in and out, and he was just staring at the ceiling. He is about 15 years old if I remember right and his name is Kevin. Also, he couldn't speak at all. But he was trying to, we could see that. Also, there were two women on each side of the bed holding his hands because he was cold. Then, he started twitching out like crazy and flailing all over the place. It was pretty freaky to be honest. You probably know what's going on with this boy, but I will still say it. He was possessed. Yep, possessed. By Satan and his evil spirits. So Elder Webb and I gave him a blessing, and we casted Satan and his evil spirits out of this boy. And actually, during the blessing, there was like 5 people involved. Me and Elder Webb giving the blessing, and three other people holding the boy still so we could actually do it. It was pretty crazy. Even during the blessing, Kevin's head started moving down and all over the place. Yep, Satan was trying to get our hands off of his head to stop the blessing. But we managed to keep our hands on and we finished the blessing. Then we stayed with him afterwards for about an hour to make sure he was okay, which he was. 
       So, what can we learn from this? Well, I definitely learned something. I learned that the priesthood is awesome!! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and how it blesses us in so many different ways in our lives. Also, we need to keep our bodies clean and pure. Because the Spirit cannot dwell in unholy temples. That's what happened to Kevin. He was involved in drugs and smoking and other bad things like that. Which probably gave Satan a prime opportunity to take over. At least, that's what I think. Anyways, I'm so grateful for the priesthood and that I'm worthy to exercise it. I love you all so much!! Please continue to write and send more love haha! I don't have enough time to reply to everyone, but I will do my best!!         
       We have 7 baptismal dates for next month!!! Which is AWESOME!!

       Mom- I did receive the package, thanks a lot!! I'm very happy with what was inside!! However, I need another one haha. I have two pairs of pants that are ripped now. Both the kaki (probably didn't spell that right) pairs are both ripped in the crotch- lol. And are unfixable lol. So I only have two pairs now. I need at least one new pair, but two would be nice. Thanks!!

       Grandma- Happy Birthday Grandma!! I hope everything goes great!! Hope the party is fun, and also that the cake tastes good haha! Thanks for being such an awesome example to me. I love you so much!! And can't wait to see you and grandpa again! 

Until next week!!


Elder Dawson Strate

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