Monday, 6 October 2014

2 Months today

Hello Everyone,

     Sounds like lots of great things are happening back home! Thats wonderful. I noticed that I got a few more messages from some people I haven't talked to yet. So I will apologize in advance if I don't write you back. I will try to but I don't have much time to email. Anyways, I am trying to upload these photos, but the computer isn't working again...I do have pictures of the baptism and a few other things. I will try again next week haha. And no I haven't recieved a package yet. But we are going to the mission office on Thursday for interviews, so I might get it then. 
     Guess what? As of today, I have been a missionary for two months!! Wow, that's crazy. Time flies. 
Dad, I would love to take photos of everything and send them to you, but I can't. One, because we are not supposed to look like tourists taking pictures of everything lol, and two these computers aren't working anyways. But that's okay, I can endure. I hope you all can too until I get this thing figured out. 
     Anyways, I really enjoyed General Conference this weekend! I hope you all did too! We had the privilege of watching all 5 sessions. The two Saturday, and the Priesthood session. And the two on Sunday. It was awesome! However, I am upset because we missed some of the talks on Sunday because the internet stopped working. And we missed President Monson's talk!! Of all the talks to miss, we missed his. Kinda frustrating. Could someone tell me what it was about please? I don't think we will have another chance to watch it so it would be nice to know a little bit about the message. I really liked the talk given by Jorg Klebingat. Sounds like a Russian name. He was awesome! He laid down the law haha. So what does everyone think about the speakers now talking in their native language? I think it's awesome! It's a wonderful way for people around the world to enjoy conference even more. Thank goodness for the translations though haha! 
     Anyways, I will try to give a bit more detail about the things we do because I can't send photos. When we go to church, we meet in a regular church building. With air conditioning! It takes about 10 or 15 minutes to walk there from our house. We wash our clothes in buckets, then we hang them on a line to dry. We could take them to a laundry place, but that is kinda expensive. We walk everywhere and sometimes take a taxi. When we shop for groceries, we just go to a normal grocery store that is nearby. Anyways, I don't have much to tell concerning stories or anything. 
     Lo siento. Pero, tenemos una cosa que es muy beuno este semana! 
     We have three baptisms on Saturday!! Ya! It's the lady and her family that I mentioned before. They are so awesome. They accept eveything we teach them with all their hearts! And the oldest wants to serve a mission! He is 17 right now, so he should be eligible to serve next year some time! That's really awesome. Anyways, thanks everyone for all the love you send me. I would love to send individual messages to everyone, but that would take a long time. And I don't have that time haha. Have a wonderful week!  


Elder Strate 

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