Saturday, 16 August 2014

MTC Letter #2

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                         Aug 16, 2004

     Thanks to everyone who has written/emailed me so far, it's really great to hear from you and to feel of your love and support! Every day gets better and better here at the MTC. I am always meeting other missionaries and making new friends. I only have limited time to email so I will try to fit in as much as I can. 
     If someone could please send me like, 2 or 3 more ties? I need some more variety to my "collection". And also because my grad tie may or may not have been accidentaly put in the washing machine... and may or may not be and thank you! A nice pink tie would be nice, we are supposed to wear pink ties on Wednesdays so...I kinda NEED one haha!
     Every day here at the MTC is pretty much the same, except for P-Days and Sundays. I have learned to appreciate Sundays a lot more now then I ever did before in my life. It gives us a break from 8 hours of studying every day, which is awesome. I played some volleyball with our district yesterday during gym time, and that was fun. I haven't played volleyball since November so it was nice to play again. And don't worry mom, my knee was fine. And you know what the funny thing is? My whole district thinks I'm good at volleyball because I can set and pass and hit on occasion. I told them I wouldn't be jumping hardly at all because of my knee, but that quickly changed. I got a few nice spikes in and they were all like "ya you have a bad knee, whatever." They all think I am faking it haha. Maybe its just recovering a lot better than I thought, I hope so!! 
     Oh, I forgot to name the other missionaries in my District. So there's me...obviously. Elder Porter Ross, Elder Jacod Wood, Elder Benjamin Rumsey, Elder Cory Ward, Elder Jacob Latteier, Elder Kolton Larsen, Hermana Natalie Stoker, Hermana Natalie Newman, Hermana Judith Bloomfield, and Hermana Stephanie Karren. I have to fininsh my laundry now so peace!
Well I hope to hear more from everyone soon, I love you all so much and appreciate all the love and support. Keep writing and sending your prayers!! 
Elder Strate 

P.S. - Dad, Elder Ross lives in Northern Utah, and he told me a little bit about a story that took place there in like the 1850's or something. He said its called the tale of "Old Ephraim", and it's about a bear that stood like 9'11 and was super crazy. He also said the bear's skull is in the Smithsonian and stuff. Anyways I was wondering if you could look it up online or something and maybe send me the story so I can read it. Apparently it took nice shots will a rifle to kill it, so I want more details haha! Thanks!

Here's a pic of Dawson playing volleyball this past season for MHS.

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