Saturday, 9 August 2014

MTC Letter #1

Hello Everyone,

This first part is for mom... I am alive and well! The MTC is so awesome! I have only been here for four days now and I already love it. There is such a feeling of joy and peace that can be felt here. My companion is Elder Ward, he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and he is going to CancĂșn too. It is good to get to know him, he doesn´t talk much but when he does he knows what he is talking about. Today is my P. Day, from now on here in the MTC my P.days are on Saturday. I have taken some pics and attached them to this message. My district is awesome!! I could go on and on about everything here but that would take a while! Anyways, just know that I am doing well, the food here is awesome, and I look forward to hearing back from you guys! Have a wonderful weekend! I just found this out, if you sign up on you can send me letters and they will put it in my mailbox everyday! However, I still can´t reply until next Saturday. I did already get your letter through the website, so I guess you are already familiar with the program. The exercise facilities are pretty good. Lots of room to do things. Elder Ward and I have just done some weight stuff an

d ridden the bikes and elypticals. And yes, please send me some shorts and another shirt, that would be great! I love you all! Keep praying for me, because I need lots of help with learning Spanish!! 


Elder Strate

Dear Elder - info for website
Elder Dawson Strate
  MEX-CNC   Leaving SEP15
Provo MTC Unit 863

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