Monday, 13 June 2016

5 Weeks Left

Hello Everyone,

      This week was great!
      Last Monday, I got a call from an Investigator that I taught in Cozumel named Brayan. He was getting baptized this week and he wanted me to baptize him! How awesome is that!? So we got to travel back to Cozumel on Saturday to baptize him. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy for Brayan. He will be a great member and one day he is going to be a missionary too! 
                                                        Elder Carlson, me, Bryan, and Elder Hart.
             Mauricio also got confirmed yesterday and I confirmed him. It was awesome. 
     So, we are allowed to wear hats and sunglasses now so...yep I bought some! Now I don´t need to wear sunscreen haha! I love revelation. 

     Also, some more less actives came to church yesterday which was great! Things are going good here on the Island and I can´t complain. My companion and I also went to the tortugranja again because he hadn´t been there. This time there were some sharks and manta rays! Pretty sweet. 

     Well, I have only got 5 weeks left until I come home. Wow, time sure flies by. I will definetly make the most of it! Thanks for all the love and support. Thats about I have for this week. Have a great week and keep the faith!


           Elder Strate 

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