Monday, 16 May 2016


      Hello Everyone,

     This week has been full of spiritual events!
     On Saturday we got to watch the talk called "Feed my Sheep" by Elder Holland. That is an amazing talk. It is specially for the missionaries and it was given in the MTC in 2011. Its great to always here the apostles and how we can be better missionaries. 
      Yesterday was great too! It was stake conference here in Cancun which was great. I got to see some of the members that I know from the Corales Ward. Thats where I started my mission! It was great to see them again. The speakers were excellent too. And last night we had a special fireside just for the missionaries! The Temple President from the Merida Temple came with his wife to talk to us about the temple. It was extraordinary! I learned a ton of things about the temple and scriptures that I had never even though about before. Such a wonderful experience and I now appreciate the temple a lot more! I can´t wait to go to the temple when I get back! I am literally dying to go!
      The Gospel is definitely the anchor in our lives. And the temple is so marvelous because of the blessings that we receive inside.There are so many things that have yet to learn inside the temple, but I know that the Lord will help me! I also know that the Lord with help anyone who truly seeks him. We are all God´s children and we are entitled to receive answers from him. 
       Thanks everyone for all the love and support. My time is getting shorter and shorter, but I will give it my all to finish the work that I have been called to do! Once a missionary always a missionary! Have a great week I love you all!

           Elder Strate 
                                          The view of our apartment and a pic at the ruins.


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