Monday, 28 September 2015


Hello Everyone,

     Guess what!? Yep, I got transferred. I am no longer in Tulum... 😢 but thats okay. I really liked Tulum, but now the Lord needs me in another place. So I said goodbye to the members there. It was a bit hard because I had developed some good friendships with the people there. But, now onward and upward!! 
  Here are some pics with the great families I got to meet and work with.

         So I am now in the Zone Chetumal. Which is a city at the very bottom of Quintana Roo, almost on the border of Belize. And actually I am in a small town called Ucum. I am super excited!! I believe I will be the pianist in sacrament meeting too. Also my new companion is Elder Jayer. He is from Mexico City. I am going to finish his training. Also, our house here is huge! And we have banana trees, coconut trees, mandarine trees, and others too. 
         This Saturday and Sunday is General Conference!! YAY!! So excited! What a privelege we have to listen to the general authorities. How amazing is it that there we have a living prophet and 12 apostles to lead and guide us? Super amazing! What a blessing it is to be able to listen to them every 6 months. I hope we can all prepare physically(so we don't fall asleep during, yes Derek I'm talking to you!) and spiritually so we can enjoy a wonderful session of General Conference. May we always have the spirit to be with us wherever we go. I can't wait to hear some of your thoughts and impressions about the revelations that we will recieve. 
         Stay strong and keep the faith! I love each and every one of you(yes even Derek!) and I hope you all have an amazing and safe week. "We thank thee oh God for a prophet, to guide us in these latter days!" -Hynms #19 

con mucho amor,

Elder Strate  

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