Monday, 25 May 2015

Transferred, training and DL

Hello Everyone,

            I have lots to say and not much time, so I will try to remember it all and write it all!!
Okay, first off we had a conference on Sunday morning. And guess to came to visit us!? Elder David A.Bednar!! Thats right!! He came to talk to us. All of us!! All the missionaries in this mission. We are like 130 or something like that. It was so awesome, and we got to take a picture with him!!!! Not individually, but as a whole group. It was amazing. 
                                          Dawson is on the back row, 4th from the right.

           So in preparation for this special meeting, we were asked to read and study 3 talks by Elder Bednar. And when we started, he made us super comfortable and told us not to worry and that he wasn't here to condemn us haha. It was basically like an interactive meeting were we just talked back in forth to one another. He started off by asking us what we learned from his talks we studied. And the people who wanted to speak and share what they learned raised their hand, stood up, and a microphone was brought to that person so talk to Elder Bednar. And guess what!? Thats right. I talked to Elder David A. Bednar!!! How awesome is that!?!? Then he also asked me some questions about what I shared with him. But not questions about church doctrine or or personal questions. Just like, about how the part I shared changed the way I do things as a missionary. Questions like that. It was so amazing!! You have no idea what its like talking to an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ!! Wow. When he made eye contact with me, I literally felt a powerful shock that penetrated my heart and my entire body. Not a bad shock, but I felt the spirit so powerful that I can't even describe it!! I wish you were all there so you could have seen him and felt the spirit too!!! I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!! And Jesus Christ is at the head of it!! Working through is Prophets and Apostles!!

            So, now I finally did get tranferred!! I am now in a small town in the state of the Yucatan. A very small town called Calotmul (Call-oot-mool). It is so wonderful here!! Its about the size of Magrath(speaking of population that is). I think its smaller geographically. Anyways, I really like it here and I also have a new companion! His name is Elder Del Cid and he is from Guatemala. And he just barely started his mission, so I am going to finish up his training. Yep I am a trainer now!! This is my first time training!! Hopefully I will do a good job haha. Also I am the district leader here, Double assignment for the win! This town is actually a really poor place. The people here work hard but they don't earn much money. Maybe 10 dollars a day...maybe. But that doesn't seem to matter here because everyone is so happy! 

            Sorry I don't have any pics to send of the house or anything right now. But our house is a lot bigger than the other one in Playa. And I do feel like I am at home. Being in a little town and all! There are also a lot of less actives here, so we should have lots of work to do!! 
            Anyways, thats about all I've got for right now. Thanks for all your love and support!! Keep praying and sending thoughts!! Oh, and I''ve almost been out for 10 months..!! Wow time flies!!  

     Lots of love,

                Elder Strate

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