Monday, 4 May 2015

6 days until I get to call!

Hello Everyone,

     I don't have much time to write today, but I will fit in what I can! 
This week has been pretty good. We had interviews with president and it was pretty awesome. I look up to President Kirkham so much!! He truly is called and inspired by God to help us here int he mission field. We have also found some new families to teach, which some of them are members but others not. So hopefully we can complete the membership of these families!! 
     Hopefully we will enter the new stake center this week. They didn't finish the construction in time so we have to wait a bit longer. Yesterday we went back to the house of prayer, but hopefully this upcoming sunday we will be in the new stake center. 
     Hope everyone has a great week. I've got to go now but I will see a few of you this Sunday on skype!! Take care and always stay strong and faithful in the gospel.
     Thanks girls for letters. Thats so awesome girls with your sports!! Congrats on the triple play Sarah!! Keep having fun and always remember to keep the lord's commandments!! scriptures, prayers, going to church too!!!
      Just so you know, my skin is even darker now I think haha

     Elder Strate

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