Friday, 22 July 2016

He's home!!!!!!

     Dawson returned home Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 at 5:07 pm at the Lethbridge Airport. He left Cancun at 6 am, flew to Dallas, then to Calgary, then to Lethbridge. He was greeted by this parents, sisters, Strate and French grandparents. Bryce & Cindy and their two youngest. Allison and her three children (Kevin will be down this weekend). Rhonda & Scott with Ali. Along with camera men and Dawson's two good friends Connor Rango Wright and Carter Hansen.
     We had posters, maracas and lots of cheering to welcome Dawson as he came through the doors. After all the hugs were done, we went to Rhonda and Scott's for a BBQ. At 6:30 pm we left to get Dawson to President Randy Wilde's home in Welling for him to get released. It was a spiritual, but tough moment for Dawson as he had to take his name tag off. We stopped at the Blue Goose on the way home and he got a snow bob.
     He are some pictures from the event, I'm sure more will be added from a busy week as he sees more friends and family.

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