Monday, 7 March 2016

Only 4 months left!!!!!!

      Hello Everyone,

     This past week was pretty good! We had our Zone meeting on Friday and it was great! We talked about lots of things. One of them being the importance of safety here as missionaries. When we are walking in the street, contacting, ect. Being alert to whats going on around us, and what to do in confrontations. So my companion and I did a little sketch to make things "real" haha! So I dressed up like a soldier and my companion dressed up like a street thug haha! 

      Now, your probably wondering where I got the uniform from. A member that we just re-activated is ex-military and he let me borrow his uniform! It was awesome. So we pretended to have a shootout during the Zone meeting when no one was expecting it. Oh, we also borrowed some nerf guns from one of the youth haha. It was great and we had fun! I have to say, some of the missionaries would have died if it had been real lol. So we were able to see the importance of what to do in situations like that, and having fun at the same time! Hey Mom, I think I would make a great soldier don´t you think!? Captain Strate...hehe. Just kidding thats not on my plans...
      We also have a baptism planned this week, but its not likely to occur. He didn´t come to church yesterday and we haven´t been able to find him lately. Hopefully we´ll be able to find him to get him back on the path. 
      Well, transfers are next week! Wow, this transfer went by super fast! I feel like every transfer goes by faster than the previous one. And Yesterday I compléted 20 months! Still can´t believe it. I still feel like I just got here! 
       Thats about all for this week. The Easter iniciative is about to start! On March 13th the video will be avaliable! Share it with everyone! I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that through him, all shall live! Death is not the end. I love you all and have a wonderful week full of miracles!

           Elder Strate 

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